Chef Brett Corrieri roasting a whole hog… a small one

We are the family behind Taproot Public House. Brett and Bethany Corrieri.

We moved from Nashville to Lewisburg a couple of years ago to get out of the city and live a quieter life. We have spent the last few years getting to know Marshall County and the folks that live here, through joining community organizations, making friends and serving food through our tiny BrettChef.com business. The opportunity came along to do something a little bigger with some purpose and drive behind it, so we jumped in and took over the former Creekside Restaurant at Saddle Creek Golf Course.

Our goal in opening Taproot Public House is to create a community of friends and family that enjoy each others company, enjoy real food and are there for one another when it counts. We believe in building and supporting the community, through civic organizations, like Lewisburg Rotary, the Young Professionals of Marshall County, the Lewisburg Downtown Alliance and Hopetown.

Let’s make something together.